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More Resources for Your Relationship with Food

By Tricia Andor, Licensed Professional Counselor

For more information on fighting the battle of overeating and eating foods high in fat, check out the following article. I especially like that the author borrows eating tips from various cultures to give Americans different options for eating food in a more healthy fashion.

Diet Secrets From Around the World
What other cultures can teach us about keeping down the pounds

The Mediterranean diet. The Asian diet. The French women have their own diet, too. When it comes to weight control, it sometimes seems as if every culture on the planet has the answer — except us!

As our collective girth steadily grows — and with it, our risks for heart disease, stroke, and even some cancers — experts say it’s time to sit down at the international dinner table with something more than dessert on our minds. Read more

buliimia_storyAnd here is one woman’s story about her fight with bulimia:

Digesting the Truth

When I look back at my years trapped in the bowels of my eating disorder I still find my recovery nothing short of a miracle. I can hit the rewind button and identify my earliest issues with food. At five years old I began to refuse to eat my mother’s cooking. As a single mother, she worked full time and barely had enough time to think about the dinners she prepared but I couldn’t see that. I only noticed the lack of attention paid to her dishes and the lack of seasonings. Each night the dinner table became our battlefield, with me refusing to eat even though I knew food for us was a luxury not to be taken for granted. She insisted rather strongly that I eat while I stubbornly held my ground and refused to take one bite. This was the only time in my life that I could summon the courage to stand up to my powerful mother. It was also the one time I was able to emerge victorious. Read the rest of the story…