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Someone Loves Your Body

By Tricia Andor, Licensed Professional Counselor

Pete Holmes is my new favorite comedian. Besides being funny, he has an endearing level of comfort with himself. I mean, sometimes he visibly looks embarrassed while telling his jokes, and seems okay with it!

Comedic vulnerability. How can ya not love it?

Here’s a bit in which he demonstrates his own body acceptance, and calls women to cultivate a similar comfort level with their physicality. His directive for one to accept her body—as it already is—is mostly built upon the premise that there’s someone out there who’s diggin’ your body and wants to have sex with you (or, well…at least with your body).

Whatever you’ve got goin’ on, someone wants to get down with it.

‐ Pete Holmes

This isn’t exaaaactly the definition of a healthy body image, especially given that it, like so many other descriptions, it makes a woman’s ability to be at peace with her body synonymous with ability to attract a man. But still, I like it. It’s a step in the right direction: away from the Photoshopped, cartoonish myth of womanhood upheld by the media industry.

He definitely highlights that beauty and attractiveness are nuanced and personal. Not something to compulsively strive after. Not something to mentally obsess over throughout the day. And not limited to those whose physical features mirror American magazine models.