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Through the Eyes of a Former EMDR Client

By Tricia Andor, Licensed Professional Counselor

British journalist Patrick Strudwick writes about his own first-hand experience with EMDR as a therapy treatment in The Times (UK) newspaper. The article summarizes: “As a 20-year-old, a writer was beaten and left for dead in his home. After years of flashbacks, he found a therapy, based on eye movement, that made his memories bearable.”

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What Patrick says about his EMDR experience is very similar to what many of my own and many other therapists’ EMDR clients have said about their experiences. He writes:

Now, when I thought about that night, the flat, The Doorway, I felt very little. It seemed distant. The flashbacks had stopped. I was sleeping better. I had begun to feel human again.

EMDR does not wipe out memories. You still remember the upsetting event, but the charge of negative emotions, anxiety, fear, seem to fade or seem “distant”.

If you experience feelings of fear, anxiety, flashbacks, terror, or panic that continue to “stay” with you because of an upsetting situation, EMDR may be a helpful treatment method for you. Contact me at 605-695-7913 if you would like to inquire about EMDR or other counseling services.