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Why Landscapes?

Your life is the landscape and what you do is the landscaping. It’s changing and changeable.

We all have different landscapes we “live in” at different times, shaped by a number of things: our mood, physical state, thoughts, faith, circumstances, social environment, our approach to relationships, others’ responses to us, and even our brain chemistry.

Despite the inevitable mutability of our landscapes, most of us tend to have themes that provide our lives with continuity and direction. Some themes we like and want to keep – joy, growth, confidence, creativity, peace, and happy, healthy relationships. These nurture us and those around us. Other themes we want to change – too much stress and anxiety, too little patience and stillness.

As human beings, we tend to become accustomed to our surroundings, whether they are stunning vistas, barren deserts, or storm-filled seas. Any of the following factors can bring about the very deadness and turmoil we wish to remove from our lives, significantly reducing our quality of life if neglected too long: Too much marital tension. Not enough happiness. Too often feeling far from God. Too often in the grip of reliving a past upsetting experience. Too much shame and negative consequences from addictions. Not enough boundaries. Too many occasions of sabotaging success. Too many times of wearing a mask around others. Not enough times of letting people know the real you. Too many times of insecurity, fear, or anger winning out. Too many scars and wounds from the past that just aren’t healing on their own. Too much perfectionism and procrastination.

If your life is filled with these kinds defeating beliefs, feelings, and patterns very long, you can start to lose sight of the possibility of change, when change actually is possible.

If you sense that you’d like to see your life landscape change, contact me to discuss the option of counseling as a means for cultivating that change.

Your life is the landscape and what you do is the landscaping. Therapy provides compassionate support to help you weed out the old, and nurture the new.